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About: Luxury Rogue's blog 20.11.2018
The Babylon Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq 20.11.2018
San Clemente Palace, Private Island, Venice 01.08.2018
Hotel Pragser Wildsee, South Tyrol 01.08.2018
Tabon Te Keekee Hotel, North Tarawa, Kiribati 05.02.2018
The Lovelace, World's loveliest Pop-Up-Hotel, in Munich 06.11.2017
Blockchainhotel @Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany 19.09.2017
Best airport stopover: Ololo Lodge in Nairobi National Park 16.04.2017
Jazeera Palace Mogadishu 15.04.2017
AVUS Motel Berlin 13.07.2016
The G7 Hotel Schloss Elmau 04.07.2016
There is a Mammoth in my Lobby: Hotel Polar Star, Yakutsk 24.03.2016
Lllao Llao Hotel: a Grande Dame abused by the Great Unwashed 06.01.2016
Charismatic Lighthouse Hotel Campo, Peninsula Valdes 25.12.2015
The nightmare Hotel Bauen, worker cooperative, Buenos Aires 25.12.2015
At The Saxon Hotel, Johannesburg, Mandela's former home. 02.09.2015
The unique Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel in Abu Dhabi 02.09.2015
The amazing Barvikha Luxury Village, Hotel & Spa 12.07.2015
Grande Dame Hotel at war: Donbass Palace 12.07.2015
Charismatic Hotels: the Sibir (Siberia) in Tobolsk 02.04.2015
Historic Hotels: the "Insel Fehmarn" in Samoa 16.02.2015
Charismatic Hotels: the Esplanada in Dili, Timor-Leste 06.02.2015
Charismatic Hotels: Airways, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 05.02.2015
Historic Hotels: Campo Imperatore, Gran Sasso Mountains 05.11.2014
Charismatic Hotels: Lake Kezenoy, Chechnya/Dagestan 15.10.2014
Charismatic Hotels: ROOMS Hotel Kazbegi, Caucasus, Georgia 15.10.2014
Ferragamo's Four Fashion Hotels in Florence 16.06.2014
Camp Barneo at the North Pole 25.04.2014
Gazprom's hotels at the Polar Circle 24.03.2014
The famous eating at the Bilderberger Hotel 15.01.2014
Hotels in Russia's most pleasant city: Vladikavkaz 15.01.2014
Luxury Hotels in Literature 01.01.2014
Hotels that entered language 01.01.2014
Grozny, Chechnya's Best Hotels & Restaurants 22.11.2013
Nordkapp in Winter - and the three Ice Hotels 18.01.2013
Spy - War - Dangerzone Hotels 27.07.2012
Rothschild Hotels 27.07.2012
Famously abandoned Luxury Hotels 26.07.2012
Hotel Gems on the Panamericana 26.07.2012
Charismatic Hotels: Designhotel Habita Monterrey 22.07.2012
Charismatic Hotels: The Patio at Four Seasons Mexico City 22.07.2012
Charismatic Hotels: The Pool at Trump Ocean Club Panama 22.07.2012
Charismatic Hotels: The Real InterContinental Managua 22.07.2012
Ukraine's Best Luxury Hotels 18.11.2011
Formula 1 Drivers' Hotels 17.11.2011
James Bond's Hotels 17.11.2011
Trophy Hotels (> US$ 1.000) 16.11.2011
Haiti and the Voodoo Magic of Hotel Oloffson 05.11.2011
Galapagos Hotels - Losing out on Darwin's Natural Selection? 04.03.2011
South African Safaris 02.01.2011
Transatlantic Cruise on the Norwegian EPIC 23.10.2010
The Role of Luxury Hotels in CIA Operations 27.07.2010
NRT - "Not Ritz Type" (in German) 01.10.2009